Peptide Therapy Scottsdale Arizona

Peptide Therapy, Scottsdale, Arizona


Peptides are small chains of amino acids that form the building blocks of proteins. They help regulate your hormones, metabolism, immune system, and other crucial functions.

Peptide therapy can mimic the function of naturally occurring peptides in the body to give your body support where it needs it the most. You can try peptide therapy orally, subcutaneously and intramuscularly, or topically, to address different health concerns.


Dr. Roz uses this cutting-edge therapy to enhance your wellness journey. This holistic approach is designed to supplement your main treatment with targeted support for your unique health concerns. This therapy may help your wellness journey in the following ways.


Support your anti-aging journey with peptide therapy designed to promote more youthful, vibrant skin and repair your tissue.


Target muscle tissue repair and combat inflammation with peptide therapy to enhance your fitness journey.


Peptides play a crucial role in balancing and regulating your hormones. Dr. Roz uses peptide therapy to complement your main treatment, like hormone replacement therapy.


Enhance your weight loss journey with peptide therapy that supports a healthy metabolism. Get an extra boost to reach your goals, alongside diet and exercise.


Give your immune system a helping hand with specialized peptide therapy designed to support your body’s natural defenses.

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Dr. Roz wants to help you:


Dr. Roz’s journey toward becoming a Naturopathic Medical Doctor stemmed from her own health struggles. Despite peak physical fitness as a bodybuilder, relentless fatigue clouded her days, evading conventional medical solutions. Her quest for answers led her to holistic healing when a Naturopathic doctor uncovered mercury poisoning from her diet, revealing its profound impact on her endocrine system and hormone imbalances, notably in her thyroid.

This pivotal experience ignited Dr. Roz’s commitment to holistic medicine. It propelled her into a career dedicated to unveiling root causes rather than masking symptoms, emphasizing her passion for helping others achieve optimal health.

Mary S.B.
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Dr. Roz is AMAZING! Her warm, vibrant personality makes her so easy to talk to. She takes her time really listening to you, assessing the health concerns and issues, and then finding a plan that will help you get to your best health. After one month of her suggestions, I already feel more myself, more energy, less anxiety/stress, and no more foggy brain. I feel like she really listens and really cares. The front office staff is so welcoming and warm. All the nursing staff is terrific too! Such a great office!
Andre L.
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Great doctor and team. They all really care and go out of their way to get you results. Katie does a great job on the iv’s. Dr Roz takes the time to explain everything and is very caring.
Alicia S.
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I have been going to Dr. Roz for about 4 months now, and I’m very happy with Dr. Roz and the quality of care I have received from her. She ordered appropriate tests and spent time going over the results and the reasons why she suggests particular supplements and treatments for me. Dr Roz has a wonderful bedside manner and the staff is great too!
Abbey G.
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Doctor Roz spent the time to really get a full understanding of my health and make sure I understood her recommendations. Easy to make an appointment, and use the portal, very well organized. Looking forward to my next appointment.
James T.
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Dr Roz and Katie do a great job. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Shannon M.
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I've been a patient of Dr Roz for almost 8 years now. Never have I ever had a doctor that made me feel more important, listened to & truly cared about than Dr Roz. I have recommended her to friends, family & clients of mine who are having hormone, energy or livelihood issues. Dr Roz has been key to putting me back on track & helping solve my imbalances & really get back into the game of life.
Marilyin H.
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I have been coming to Dr Roz since Jan. 2022 and have had very good results. The staff at her clinic are very professional and attentive to the needs of the patients. The experience here is very pleasant. My blood pressure has been lowered as a result of the chelation therapy and modifying my diet exercise and lifestyle. It’s a great feeling to be able to achieve these goals and improve my health. Thank you!
Jeff M.
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Great staff, friendly and helpful. Dr Roz really cares and takes time to explain all questions and concerns
Joy P.
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I have been working with Dr. Roz for over 4 years and can’t say enough about her. She cares and is so patient! She gets to the root causes of whats going on in my body and treats them holistically. Its so wonderful to work with a Dr. who stays on top of whats going on and treats it holistically. Thank you Dr. Roz!!


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