Embrace Timeless Anti-Aging Wellness with Dr. Roz | Dr. Roz NMD
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Anti-Aging Wellness treatments in Scottsdale, Arizona

Your gateway to timeliness wellness

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Embrace Timeless Wellness with Dr. Roz

Dr. Roz, believes in embracing the beauty of aging gracefully while optimizing your wellness journey. Our comprehensive suite of anti-aging and wellness services is meticulously curated to empower you to live vibrantly at every stage of life.

Meet Dr. Roselyn Ranon, NMD - Empowering Your Anti-Aging Wellness Journey

Dr. Roz’s journey to becoming a naturopathic medical doctor was fueled by her own health challenges. Despite reaching the zenith of physical fitness as a bodybuilder, persistent fatigue shrouded her days, evading conventional medical solutions. Seeking answers, Dr. Roz delved into holistic healing, guided by a Naturopathic doctor who unveiled mercury poisoning from her diet as a pivotal revelation. This discovery illuminated profound impacts on her endocrine system, particularly affecting her thyroid.

This transformative experience propelled Dr. Roz into a career devoted to holistic medicine, rooted in uncovering root causes rather than merely addressing symptoms. Dr. Roz’s fervor lies in empowering others to attain optimal health through a personalized and comprehensive approach to wellness. Renowned for her expertise in IV Therapy, she extends this commitment to each patient, offering transformative solutions that prioritize enduring well-being.

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Anti-Aging Wellness Services

Anti-Aging Wellness Services: Tailored Solutions for Your Aging Gracefully Journey

Embark on a journey towards timeless vitality with our comprehensive suite of anti-aging wellness services. Each service is meticulously curated to address specific aging concerns and optimize your overall well-being. Explore the range of transformative solutions we offer:

Comprehensive Assessment

Conduct thorough assessments, including medical history, lifestyle factors, genetic predispositions, and current health challenges. This holistic approach allows tailor treatment plans to your individual needs.


Supporting the body’s natural detoxification pathways is essential for mitigating the effects of environmental toxins and oxidative stress, which contribute to aging. Integrate detoxification protocols, including targeted supplementation, IV therapy, dietary modifications, and lifestyle practices.

Hormone Optimization

Achieve hormonal balance and vitality with personalized hormone optimization therapies. Restore youthful energy levels, improve mood, and enhance overall health with targeted hormone treatments.

Nutritional Support

Unlock the power of nutrition in your anti-aging journey with personalized dietary recommendations. Learn how to nourish your body with age-defying foods and supplements tailored to your unique needs.

Integrative Medicine

Discover the blend of conventional and alternative medicine through our integrative services. We focus on holistic, patient-centered approaches to address health issues and optimize wellness.

Advanced Therapies

Provide cutting-edge therapies such as peptide therapy and support mitochondria function to enhance function and promote tissue repair.


Embrace lifestyle modifications that promote longevity and vitality, including exercise, stress management techniques, adequate sleep and mindfulness practice.

Genomic Testing

Understanding your genetic predispositions can provide valuable insights into your unique health needs. Utilize genomic testing to identify genetic markers associated with aging, disease risk, and nutrient metabolisms, allowing for personalized interventions.
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Unlock the Benefits of Anti-Aging Wellness

  • Rejuvenate your skin and reduce the visible signs of aging.
  • Restore hormonal balance for increased energy and vitality.
  • Optimize nutrition to support overall health and well-being.
  • Embrace a holistic approach to wellness with integrative medicine.
  • Manage stress effectively to promote emotional and physical resilience.
  • Enhance physical strength, flexibility, and longevity through exercise.
  • Promote cognitive function and mental well-being for a fulfilling life at every stage.
Mary Scot Boyce
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Dr. Roz is AMAZING! Her warm, vibrant personality makes her so easy to talk to. She takes her time really listening to you, assessing the health concerns and issues, and then finding a plan that will help you get to your best health. After one month of her suggestions, I already feel more myself, more energy, less anxiety/stress, and no more foggy brain. I feel like she really listens and really cares. The front office staff is so welcoming and warm. All the nursing staff is terrific too! Such a great office!
Alicia Stephenson
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I have been going to Integrative Health for about 4 months now and I’m very happy with Dr. Roz and the quality of care I have received from her. She ordered appropriate tests and spent time going over the results and the reasons why she suggests particular supplements and treatments for me. Dr Roz has wonderful bedside manner and the staff is great too!
Abbey Garcia
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Doctor Roz spent the time to really get a full understanding of my health and make sure I understood her recommendations. Easy to make an appointment, and use the portal very well organized. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Ready to Rediscover Your Radiance?

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