Our Philosophy | Dr. Roz, Naturopathic Doctor
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Our Philosophy

Integrative MD in Scottsdale | Dr Roz

We all want to be great.
In life, in relationships, in work, and in health.

And being great all around means approaching your health all around. And it’s more than just diet, exercise and prescription drugs. Dr. Roz, NMD helps people live life at their optimal level by taking the time to really get to know her patients and treating them proactively and comprehensively.


Dr. Roz, a naturopathic medical doctor,  focuses on diagnosing and treating root health issues instead of simply masking their symptoms. Going beyond just “normal levels,” she works to understand your lifestyle and health goals as a complete picture. Because she uses a robust combination of natural modalities, conventional medicine and modern science, she has every medical tool at her disposal to help her patients feel as good as they possibly can. Because looking at things from a different perspective at every angle leads to a fresh prescription for life.


Dr. Roz uses a progressive approach to work with you to guide and motivate you to be your best every single day. Because the truth is that most people don’t know just how good they can really feel.

What to Expect

The First Visit
(up to 75 Minutes)
: Discuss Medical History, Lifestyle & Health Goals
: Physical Exam
: Lab Tests
The Follow Up Visit
(60 Minutes)
: Review Lab Results
: Create Individualized Treatment Plan
: Follow Up Visits As Needed