Dr. Roz | Naturopathic Doctor in Scottsdale
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Meet your personal anti-aging health and wellness expert.

By getting to know people’s personal lifestyles and physical goals, Dr. Roz becomes a proactive integrative health partner that uses the full spectrum of natural care modalities along with the most effective conventional medicine to keep you looking and feeling your best for life. Because after all, health is not one size fits all.

Naturopathic physician scottsdale - Dr Roz
Naturopathic NMD in Scottsdale - Dr Roz
Integrative MD in Scottsdale - Dr Roz


Use Natural Healing
The body is engineered to heal itself.
Treat the Cause
Don’t just mask the symptoms.
Start Non-Invasive
Treat gently before surgically.
Educate and Guide
Empower people to learn about health.
Heal it Holistically
Look at the lifestyle and body as a whole.
Prevent, Prevent, Prevent
It’s always better to prevent than treat.
Naturopathic NMD in Scottsdale - Dr Roz
Naturopathic NMD Scottsdale, AZ


Schedule an Appointment

Do you need help with your Thyroid and Hormones? A first appointment is a great starting point for assessing your health needs and treatment options going forward. Let’s see if we can help!

Dr. Roz is accepting patients in Arizona, California, Utah, Montana